Getting Started on Your Camping Experience!

When you rent from Camper Dude, our goal is to provide a 'turn-key' camping experience, making it as easy and worry free as possible. There are however a few things that you as the renter must know and do in order to ensure safe operation of the unit during towing and camping. Please familiarize yourself with the following:

Preparing Your Vehicle


The towing capacity of your vehicle is a big factor when deciding which camper is right for you. Before booking a camper, find out what the towing capacity of your vehicle is. You can ask your dealer or research it on the internet HERE. Our Bookings section lists the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVW) of each trailer. This is the maximum weight of the trailer when it is loaded with water and supplies, so your vehicle needs to have a towing capacity equal to or greater than the GVW of the trailer. 


In order to operate the lights and brakes on a trailer, your vehicle must have the correct electrical connectors on it. Our trailers require a 7-pole connector. The terminal labelled '(4) Black 12v Battery Power' (see picture below) needs to have a 12 volt dedicated feed from your vehicle battery. You'll need to confirm that your electrical is working prior to arriving to pickup your rental unit. Vehicles with malfunctioning electrical connectors will not be allowed to leave with the trailer. Camper Dude RV Rentals charges $80/hour to trouble shoot/fix any electrical issues, so make sure it's working before you arrive! We'd suggest you book an appointment with Bell's Trailer Hitches in Headingly MB to ensure your vehicle electrical is in proper working order to tow a camper.

7-Pole Connector


All our units have electric trailer brakes. Your vehicle needs to have an Electric Brake Controller in order to activate the electric brakes, and is required by law. Please ensure you have a functioning brake controller installed on your vehicle, or alternatively we rent wireless controllers for $50. If you're not sure if you have one in your vehicle (newer vehicles may have a factory installed brake controller in the dash already), ask your dealer or see pictures below.  

Under Dash Brake Controller Factory Dash Brake Controller


Towing mirrors help you see whats behind you when towing wide trailers. Camper Dude has a few for some types of vehicles that are available on request at booking time, be sure to ask ahead of time though, as we don't have them for all vehicle types.

Tow Mirrors Tow Mirrors


While we supply the necessary Equalizer Hitch to tow the trailer, your vehicle needs to have an appropriate hitch 'Receiver'. Please ensure you have a hitch receiver with a capacity to match the trailer you want to tow, and that it is cleaned and free of debris so the equalizer hitch will slide in freely. We do allow you to tow with your own hitch if it is in good condition... damaged hitches will not be allowed to tow our units. 

Hitch Receiver



Are pets allowed?

We realize that pets are part of the family, and it's fun to take them camping. However in order to be fair to our customers with allergies, we do not allow pets. Be aware that any damage, odors or pet hair found in the unit upon return will result in forfeit of the damage deposit for repairs and/or cleaning.

What kind of hitch do I need?

Depending on the type of unit you are renting, the required hitch will be different:

Travel trailer - Your towing vehicle must have a 2" square receiver style hitch, which bolts to the frame of your vehicle. We provide an equalizer style draw-bar, so you don't need to worry about what size of hitch ball.

Do I need to bring propane?

We supply the propane for running the camper fridge, stove, and furnace. If you need a BBQ, we can provide one for an additional fee, and will include a tank of propane for it as well. If you are renting in colder months (October, November) then we ask that you provide your own propane as the furnace will be running more.

Can I pick it up in Winnipeg?

We can usually accomodate delivery of the unit to Winnipeg, however additional fees may apply for this service. Please contact us to get a quote for this option.

Where can I dump the septic before I return the trailer?

We often get asked this! Private and provincial campgrounds will have their own septic dump sites which will usually let you dump for free with your campsite rental, or for an additional fee if you're not camping there. There are also a few less obvious dump sites around the province! Click on the image below for a complete RV dump station directory.

MB RV Dump Sites




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